A Letter from our Founder

A Christmas greeting from our Founder/Executive Director, Becky Chinchen…


Merry Christmas from Amani ya Juu,

maasai nativityRefugees, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, floods, droughts, war, poverty… this beautiful world of ours is a hurting place.  Whether we are serving in the midst of these painful circumstances or are contemplating our involvement from the far away comforts of our homes, the needs can seem and feel overwhelming. Where does one even start?

At Amani ya Juu, these questions and feelings are an old friend. As we start each new day trusting in the One who provides Peace from Above, we tackle the overwhelming multitude of needs by pouring our love, care and help into each woman that walks through our Amani doors.

One of those women in need, our newest Amani member, is Esther from Kenya. She is 28 years old and has degree in basic accounting and computer application. In the past Esther moved around to different towns following various employment opportunities, finally ending up in Nairobi in 2009.  She got married and in 2012 gave birth to a baby boy named Harnest. Esther’s marriage was troubled from the beginning and the situation only escalated once her son, Harnest, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  He is in need of medical care and attends a special school. Esther’s husband started to abuse her and spend all his money on his lady friends.  It was at this point that  Esther came calling at Amani ya Juu looking for help in desperation.

At the beginning of September, Esther joined Amani Ya Juu as a trainee based on her need. After one week at Amani, Esther’s husband threw her and their child out of the home so that he could live  with another woman. Esther is now renting an iron sheet house with no water or power and with outdoor communal toilets. Her friend gave her a mattress that she throws on the floor, serving as a seat during the day and bed at night. She was also given a faulty cooking stove, a few utensils and a paraffin lamp for lighting.  She is forced to buy water and food on credit.  Three year old Harnest still needs diapers due to his special needs.

Esther came to Amani with no stitching skills and is now being trained on how to sew. Esther also came lacking in a faith that will help carry her through this traumatic time.  She has come to the right place. We are praying she will find Christ’s healing power and peace.


At Amani ya Juu, we are aware that we cannot heal all the pain in the world and that life does not come in a neat package. However, we can help Esther and others like her find healing and hope through Christ. We invite you this Christmas season to consider giving a gift to Amani ya Juu and being a part of extending peace to those who have lost all hope. We thank you in advance for your gift.
Wishing God’s peace, joy, hope and love over you and your families,


Becky Chinchen

Executive Director/Founder



To give to our programs, please visit our donations page online at amaniafrica.org/donations


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