Meet our Volunteer: Amber

Amber is an Amani ya Juu advocate and volunteer.

Read more about this fabulous young woman’s passion for fair trade and Amani ya Juu!


“I have always considered myself open-minded and willing to accept new ideas. An idea I was introduced to a few years ago was fair trade shopping: buying products that were made by people working for a livable wage. After learning more about fair trade, I have come to believe that it is the most humane and important type of trade.”

– Amber, high school student, in an excerpt from her college essay

Amber in her Amani pocket dress speaking at her church!
Amber rocking her Amani earrings while playing the banjo!

It all started one afternoon after a church service. Amber just happened to stay and listen to Emily, our Marketing Director, speak about Amani ya Juu. She spoke about Amani and explained the work of our lovely sewing and reconciliation program for women in Africa. Amber was intrigued! She instantly fell in love with all things fair trade and Amani ya Juu.

This lead her to become an advocate for Amani, constantly sharing about us with friends and family. More recently, she traveled from Texas to volunteer at Amani Chattanooga, our warehouse in Tennessee. Amber worked alongside Teresia, our Warehouse Manager, sorting accessories, and assisted with marketing initiatives. Amber helped out tremendously! We are so grateful for her.

Since hearing about Amani ya Juu and fair trade companies, Amber is considering pursuing her passion for fair trade by seeking a degree in social business or a similar field. She hopes this will allow her to use all of her other passions: traveling, religion, and music.

Amani ya Juu
Amber’s parking space at school includes Love this so much—free advertising!

“Learning a lot about the fair trade industry has made an impact on me and made me a much better person. It is shaping my view of the world and making me humble. It has allowed me to connect with others and share my passion for helping people.”

Amber: keep being you! You’re amazing.


If you would like to volunteer for Amani ya Juu (like Amber!) learn more here:

Host a Box

Intern –

Serve at a Center


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