Kevin and her Baby

Kevin & New Baby-2
Kevin with her little one!
Kevin is the Accountant at Amani Uganda. She has been extremely helpful with the growth of the Uganda center. She recently became a mother! We’re so thrilled about this new addition to the Amani Family.
Kevin's Baby-2
So precious!
Since we are celebrating Kevin’s introduction to motherhood, we asked some of the other women at Amani Uganda to tell us their favorite thing about being a mom!
Alice with her son
“In being a mother, I appreciate the respect I receive from other people” – Alice
Pauline and her kids
Pauline and her kids
Pauline working
“My favorite thing is when my children are successful in their studies or just being a good helper around the house.” – Pauline
“My favorite thing is listening to the funny things my children say when I am having a conversation with them as well as knowing that I am able to provide for them.” – Lilly
What’s your favorite part of being a mother?
What advice do you have for new moms? Comment below!

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