10 Ideas for Hosting Your Amani Party

An Amani Gathering is any event where people come together to learn about and support Amani ya Juu. We like to call them parties :). They are hosted throughout the United States by volunteers who receive boxes of products to sell to their friends, family, and communities.

Here’s 10 ideas for hosting an Amani Party! Combine these tidbits with beautiful African products, and your event is sure to be a success!

1) Host a move night.

Sell products and have an African movie night. We recommend The Good Lie with Reese Witherspoon. It’s a heartwarming and educational film about Sudanese refugees who resettle in the US.


2) Make cookies.

Bake up some delicious treats. Get creative with an African cookie cutter and icing, or check out our Kilimanjaro Cookie Recipe from Kenya.

335091_2353332307497_198903481_o 2

3) Do brunch.

Invite friends over to enjoy a yummy brunch and fair trade shopping. Bonus points for using fair trade ingredients.

untitledFebruary 17, 2015-2

4) Takeover the local coffee shop.

Are  you buds with a coffee shop owner? See if he or she will let you set up your products at their place one weekend.


5) Invite the whole neighborhood.

Take your box of products outside and invite the neighbors by for a peak! It might just turn into a block party.

 NNO Amani 007

6) Tea time.

Invite your lady friends over for a cup of tea. We recommend our Chai Tea Recipe from Kenya.

untitledFebruary 15, 2015-15

7) Become a campus representative. 

Ask your college if you can host a sale at an upcoming event. Rachel (right) at Baylor University in Texas has hosted several sales for us!


8) Bring us to church with you.

Ask your local church if you can set up after a service.

WP_20140608_001 3

9) Help your friends with their Mother’s Day gift.

Host a sale in April or early May and encourage your friends and family to pick out something for the special mom in their life.

IMG_2262 2

10) Host a Christmas sale.

It’s never to early to sign up for a sale. Your friends and family will love picking out gifts with meaning for Christmas!

IMG_8187-4 3

Questions? Let’s talk.

Whether you’re still learning more or already browsing hors d’ oeuvre recipes, email volunteer@amaniafrica.org for details.

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