Amani Gifts for the Cook in Your Life

Your Thanksgiving host/hostess will spend hours (or perhaps even days) preparing for your Thanksgiving celebration. Why not surprise him or her with a gift from Amani ya Juu?

Aprons are a great gift to keep your Thanksgiving host clean for holiday family photos!


Batik Hostess Apron, $26 (top left)

Original Patch Apron, $30 (bottom left)

Men’s Limited Apron, $26 (right)

Ruffled Kanga Hostess Apron, $32 (right)

You can never have enough serving spoons especially during the holidays!


African Olivewood & Bone Spoon Set, $18

Batik Hot Pad Set, $28

Original Patch Oven Glove & Spoon Set, $28

Olivewood Branch Spoon Set, $18

Don’t forget the bowls!


Calabash Bowl, $24 (top right)

African Olivewood Bowl, $32 (bottom right)

Divided Bowl, $34 (left)

Or maybe a special piece of table decor?


Kitenge Napkin Set, $24 (right)

Original Patch Placements Set/4, $46 (middle) 

Limited Tea Towel Set, $22 (left)

Would you like to see even more options for your host/hostess? Shop online at today! 


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