10 Ways to Celebrate Fall with Amani!

It’s the time of year to pull the scarves and knit sweaters out of the closer and enjoy the crispness of the fall air outside. At Amani ya Juu, we are not only celebrating the change in season but celebrating October as Fair Trade Month. The term “Fair Trade” means trade in which fair prices are paid to producers (read more about our commitment to fair trade here). 

 Here are some ideas to jump start your Fair Trade October with Amani and other Fair Trade friends!

1 .  Amani Coffee and Tea

t_teabag.png t_IMG_1354.jpg

Amani sells fair trade coffee made by a cooperative in Uganda. While you enjoy these cooler mornings, why not curl up with a cup of ethically-sourced joe or our favorite Fair Trade tea, Numi, which is available in most grocery stores. You could also create a classic drink made at the Amani Kenya cafe, Kenyan Chai. This is sure to become a fall favorite. If you’re feeling especially inspired, we recommend turning on The Lion King on Broadway and maybe even reading a book from our booklist .

Check out Numi tea here.

Buy our coffee here.

2. Walk around the Farmer’s Market in Amani Style


What better way to celebrate the coming season than walking around the farmer’s market with your Amani tote in hand, money in your coin purse, and enjoying the season’s produce. Make a pot of butternut squash soup and maybe even serve this winter salad in one of our Amani bowls.

3.  Celebrate Fall with an Amani Volunteer Sale

All of your friends and family have Christmas on their minds, so why not celebrate Fair Trade Month by hosting an Amani volunteer sale. We will ship a big box of beautiful products and you can share them with your friends and family. When you are finished, just ship them back. Our beautiful, colorful, and handmade items are perfect gifts for the entire family. Whether it’s an event for your book club, church small group, or coworkers, this unique party will be a hit!

Want more information, email us at volunteer@amaniafrica.org

If you are looking for ideas for party activities, check out our Volunteer Resources.


4. Connect with Amani

Sign up for our online newsletter and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest.

We love connecting with you! Another simple way  to learn about Amani is to sign up for our email newsletter. We will never share your email address and it’s such a great way to learn about the work of Amani. If you love a product, advocate for Amani by helping us get the word out! If you have a blog or business, reach out to us. A great perk of being apart of our online community is you’ll be the first to know about our sales, coupons, and new products.

5. Buy Mom an Amani thank you gift for cooking Thanksgiving

Don’t let Mom’s hands burn in a rush this Thanksgiving. Let her know she is appreciated by giving her an Amani thank you gift. Our pot holders and wooden spoons are a gift she will hold onto for Thanksgiving meals for years to come!

Another simple way to celebrate the women of Amani this Thanksgiving is to set your Thanksgiving table with our placemats and cloth napkins. It’s eco-friendly as well so a win-win!


6. Start Planning for Christmas

 Now is the time to start planning for christmas gifts. We have a variety of items that make us a great stop for your holiday shopping. Whether it’s earrings for your sister who is a college freshman or a quilt for your grandmother, Amani is a great place to purchase ethically and beautifully hand crafted products. We also have christmas stockings, a gorgeous advent calendar, garland, and so much more!

Check out our Christmas products here.

Advent Calender
  1. Fair Trade your Halloween

Support other Fair Trade organizations and businesses! This Halloween, why not skip the regular Halloween candy aisle and purchase Equal Exchange’s Fair Trade Your Halloween kit.  It’s a great way to support ethically sourced products and raise awareness.

Fair Trade Your Halloween Kit
  1. An Amani Gratefulness Journal

This season is all about love, family, and gratitude. Why not start the daily habit of writing 3 things you are grateful for every day throughout this season in this beautiful journal? Maybe even get cozy with one of our lovely handmade quilts.

Mini Kanga Notebook
  1. Have fun with Amani


Wear your Amani products and tell your friends about us. If you are in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia, Chattanooga, D.C., come visit us! By loving your Amani products and telling your friends about Amani ya Juu, you are assisting in the mission of peace from above.

Love the scarves these lovely ladies are wearing? Find them here.

 10. Educate Yourself about Amani and share with your friends!

Read about Rahab, Gladys, Lydia, and Hannah!

Our blog has a collection of  stories of the men, women, and children that have been greatly assisted by Amani Ya Juu. You help make that happen by supporting us!


If you feel inspired to Amani your October, like us on instagram and snap a photo of yourself or family enjoying Amani in one of these ways with the hashtag #amaniyouroctober and we will send you a 10% off coupon!


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