Meet our Intern: Alison

This was originally posted on the (new!) Amahoro Burundi (Amahoro ava Mw’Ijuru) blog!

 Amani ya Juu often hosts interns at centers in both Africa and the US. Check out our Summer/Fall 2014 intern, who is currently living and working in Burundi at Amahoro ava Mw’Ijuru!


Alison, Amahoro Intern 2014
Alison, Amahoro Intern 2014

Name: Alison Chang

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA / Pohang, South Korea

School & Degree: Wheaton College; International Relations



Role at Amani: Management and Administration Intern. I started in Nairobi, Kenya and am now in Bujumbura, Burundi. Here, I am mainly working with Amani’s Burundi Country Director to build capacity through computerizing departments, and standardizing processes and systems. However, I am stretched far wider in opportunities to learn more about anything and everything including sharing the Amani story through social media, managing any of the other Amani departments (distribution, production, tie and dye, café, shop, etc.), starting Amani Watoto and “Worship through Dance” programs, going on home visits, and whatever else I can get me hands on!


How did you first learn about Amani?
I first learned about Amani after I was accepted into Wheaton’s Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) Program through the HNGR staff, friends, and mentors.


What made you want to intern with Amani?

My interest in learning more about refugee employment opportunities, women’s rights, and post-conflict development brought me to Amani. More broadly, I desire to see how the discourse of international relations and policies made from the top level really affect those on the bottom. Amani gave me the opportunity to see how women, my friends, are impacted by organizations like Amani Ya Juu and imagine how changes in policy can better empower those that can be most marginalized.


Random Facts:
My family currently lives in Korea, I am the middle child of three, I am the Events Coordinator for Wheaton’s World Christian Fellowship, I’ve always like elephants, and I was the News Editor of my high school newspaper.



Intern Alison with Amahoro Burundi
Intern Alison with the Amahoro Burundi group

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