Happy Birthday to Us!

A letter from our Founder and Executive Director to you…



Jambo from Amani Kenya!

Becky Chinchen, Amani ya Juu Founder/Executive Director
Becky Chinchen, Founder/Executive Director


I’d like to personally thank you for the gift of your friendship to Amani ya Juu! Your support—whether through financial gifts, product purchases, or visits to a center—has encouraged us and enabled us to come this far. That makes us want to celebrate!

This summer marks the 18th year since Amani ya Juu began in my living room with 3 refugee women.  After fleeing from Liberia, I landed in Nairobi, Kenya among refugees like myself. I saw a need to affirm the dignity of those around me through empowering work and a safe community. We started with a small personal loan, a pattern for placemats, and four hurting hearts seeking healing and peace.

Today, thousands of people (women, their children and spouses, and visitors) have been impacted by God’s peace through Amani centers in 6 different countries.

Over the years, wear and tear that occurs naturally when many people move through a space has begun to take its toll on the Amani Kenya center.Renovations are desperately needed in order to maintain the beautiful facility that contributes to women finding dignity and peace on a daily basis.

Celebrate with us by giving a gift to Amani on her 18th birthday. Pick a project and be a part of sowing peace.

In Peace from Above—Amani ya Juu,

Becky Chinchen
Founder/Executive Director
Amani ya Juu




Some stories have come full circle when women are able to “graduate” from Amani and start their own small businesses, spreading peace in various communities. Rahab is one example. To read her story, click here.


womens sewing project africa
Renovations are needed in order to maintain the beautiful facility that contributes to women finding dignity and peace on a daily basis.


Click here to make your gift!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. I have always treasured Amani ya Juu, from the first time I was there in 1998 or ’99, partly for the high quality merchandise but also especially for the ministry to the ladies and their families. Every time I shopped in what must have been originally your home, Becky, a serenity flooded the building. The women always spoke in loving, hushed tones while doing their exquisite work. During my 8 years in Kenya, Rahab’s mother, Elizabeth, worked in our home 2 or 3 times a week and she and her girls became almost like family to us. To this day I rejoice and thank God because Amani ya Juu took in Elizabeth, Rahab, and Hilda when their village was burned down. You’ve trained them all and we couldn’t be more proud of Rahab for establishing her own business. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

    1. Thank you so much for your support Linda! We love seeing your beautiful and uplifting comments both here and on our Facebook. Thank you so much for your willingness to help spread the word about Amani!

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