My experience with gender inequality in Ethiopia

Interesting blog on women in Ethiopia, written by a female Peace Corps volunteer. Gender equality has come a long way in many parts of the world, but we’ve got a long way to go in countries like Ethiopia…

Ethiopian Escapades

After 26 months in Ethiopia, there are a handful of things I can expect each and every day.

1. I will engage in a minimum of 5 conversations where I only understand about 70% of what was discussed (and both parties will usually nervously chuckle and nod at the end of the conversation to disguise our mutual cluelessness).
2. I’ll drink at least 16 ounces of coffee.
3. I will gain a new appreciation for the enduring strength of Ethiopian women.

A few months ago, a fellow PCV recently wrote a blog about the difficulties of being a female volunteer in Ethiopia. Her words say it best.

Being a female PCV is tough, but “tough” doesn’t even being to describe what it’s like to be a female Ethiopian. Here are some of my observations of the challenges of Ethiopian women and girls in my community. These are my personal…

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