Fair Trade Friday: Upcycling

Great post on upcycling from AmaniDC!


“Upcycling” is a way to give manufactured products a “second life” by recycling or repurposing them into something new, especially a new product that has even greater value than the original material. Upcycling offers an ecofriendly alternative to mass production, and can also offer productive uses for old fabrics, glass, plastic, and other materials in developing countries.

For today’s Fair Trade Friday, here are some of Amani’s favorite brands and stories about upcycling!

 Fair Trade Designs put together a great post for Woman-Earth Day, exploring many different ways that Fair Trade jewelry can offer opportunities to working women and protect the environment. Made from recycled materials and sustainable alternatives, jewelry like recycled glass necklaces from eastern Africa, tagua  or “vegetable ivory” from Latin America, and milk carton bracelets from the Philippines offers a distinctive style while supporting valuable causes.

Img source: http://marsdd.com/news-and-insights/fashion-forward-building-sustainable-ethical-fashion-future/

In Haiti, Local Buttonputs secondhand…

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