News from Liberia: Ebola Outbreak sparks concern along Guinea/Liberia border

Please pray for our Amani Liberia center.


Amani would like to ask for your prayers and thoughts on behalf of our Liberia center, as well as on behalf of the victims of the recent Ebola outbreak in Guinea.

The center of the outbreak has occurred across the Guinea/Liberia border, about 20 miles distant from the Amani Liberia center.

Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever which occurs primarily among humans and primates, but is spread by other animals, including livestock and fruit bats.  Alarmingly, it has a fatality rate of up to 90% and has no known vaccine or cure. This is the first outbreak of the disease in Guinea, and is thought to have spread through eating bushmeat (wild animals), including smoked bat and spicy bat soup, a traditional food of the area. The Guinean government has banned the eating of bats in hopes of stemming the spread of the disease.

Although there have not been any confirmed…

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