Bring Africa Home

Bring a little Africa home.

Hosting an Amani Gathering is an easy way to share Amani with friends and family. Plus, it’s a fun & free way to support your African sisters—without even leaving town.
How it works:

1. We send you a box of products handmade in Africa.
2. You sell the products from home (or church, the office, a craft fair, etc).
3. You ship what doesn’t sell back to us.

If you would like more information write to

Lindsay Maines,

Host an Amani Gathering before the end of May and be the first to enjoy the newest 2014 designs!

Need some ideas?

Here are some suggestions:
1. Spring has Sprung
Celebrate the warmer weather with a spring shopping event at your church or in your neighborhood.

2. Mother’s Day is May 11th
A perfect holiday to support the many mothers of Amani—and set your friends up with a beautiful handmade gift for mom!

3. May & June Graduations
Help friends and family find unique fair trade gifts for their favorite graduate.

An Amani Gathering creates a huge positive impact on the women of Amani ya Juu.
Click here to watch a short video explaining the connection between a woman in Africa and a sale in the US.


To learn more, visit

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