Fair Trade Friday: Fair Trade and Conflict, Rebuilding Lives


Amani’s centers throughout Africa have the core mission of helping women, especially refugees, to rebuild and recover in the wake of conflict. In many ways, the Fair Trade model can bring development to chaotic, often violent and traumatic war zones.

As The Guardian explains, “Offering people decent prices for their produce can help to support jobs, improving living conditions for producers, their families and the local businesses they buy from, and diverting young men, especially, away from involvement in militias.

Developing trust-based structures such as cooperatives can help to restore social stability, and selling fairly traded products in [developed countries] can help to raise awareness of conflict situations overseas.”

An example of Fair Trade’s positive impact in zones of tension and conflict comes from Palestine, where Fairtrade-certified olive oil has been traded since the mid-2000s. There, the price per ton of olive oil went from about $2,560 US more than $6,800…

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