What is love?

A few weeks ago during Amani Uganda’s daily time of prayer and song, Simprosa, the Country Director, asked the group for their thoughts on love. Simprosa was speaking to women who were once captives of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a brutal militant movement in the area, where they endured every possible type of abuse. Their responses were profound and beautiful. Somehow variations of this phrase seemed to come up over and over again as the ladies went around the room sharing their definition of love:

“Love is forgiving your enemies.”

It is beautiful to see this example of reconciliation in a broken world. The women of Amani Uganda are standing alongside one another choosing love—just as Jesus did—rather than hate.

Below are some of the other responses shared on that day.

women's sewing and reconciliation group

“Love is sharing devotion with friends during hardship.”

women's business training group

“Love means coming together with one another in times of problems and happiness.”

quotes on love from women in africa

“Love means encouraging one another.”

womens sewing group Uganda

“Love means being devoted to one another.”


What is your definition of love? Feel free to weigh in by leaving a comment.

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