An Amani Director Wish List

Christmas is a time of sharing gifts.

Amani ya Juu has a number of excellent stewards who serve as directors to our centers & shops in the US & Africa.

Each manages resources well, but still dreams of expansion.
Our directors have selected one wish for their center—a gift of peace to its women.

We invite you to select a gift of peace at the center of your choice.


Chattanooga, TN
“A plastic bin at our warehouse stores the beautifully handcrafted items made by the Amani ladies in Africa. One costs $25. Bins provide a safe storage space for their beautiful creations.”     – Joanna, Amani Chattanooga Director                                                                           Burundi                                                                                                                      “A sewing machine for the Amani Burundi ladies costs $200. A new sewing machine brings sustaining income to a woman—& her children.”                                                                      – Goreth, Amani Burundi Director


Washington, DC 
“We’re conducting job-skills training programs for inner-city girls who live in the neighborhood surrounding our area. A week of training is $150”
– Sarah, AmaniDC Director
“A new sewing machine for Amani Uganda is $200. New machines that run well help the products have good stitches so production runs smoothly.”

- Simprosa, Amani Uganda Director
“A play area for the children is $600. Many women would not be able to work if they could not bring their children. A safe play area will allow mothers to stitch without worrying about their children.”
– Hannah, Amani Liberia Director
“An Amani Kenya woman’s child can go to Amani Watoto (Children of Peace) Camp for $75. At camp, children learn about peace & reconciliation. They will become the next generation of peace-makers”
– Joyce, Amani Kenya Director

Give here to our Director Wish List online!


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