Give Gifts that Give!

Five Fab Fair-Trade Gift Finds for Under $15!

Amani ya Juu: Affordable Options that Benefit Marginalized Women in Africa

Kick start holiday shopping with unique gifts for everyone on your list when you visit, the shopping site of Fair Trade Federation member Amani ya Juu. The site features hand-crafted — and affordable — jewelry, décor items and accessories, including many items under $15.

1. Bangles, Baubles, Shiny Things

Pick a pair of earrings from an eclectic assortment of twelve options – none more than $15. Hand made from materials that range from glass and wood to brass and bone, each pair is a statement piece that declares support for the talents and skills of the women who created it. Wire Hoop African Earrings, $14, ( are sure to bring a smile.


2. Totes to Keep Things Tidy

Whether it’s a place for coins, groceries or even mobile electronics, has the catch-and-carry-alls to suit the need. Stitched by hand from brightly colored fabrics, these bags organize with style. Original Patch African Coin Purse, just $10, has two pockets ( and zips to secure contents.

African Coin Purse

3. Petite Safari Animals for Little Loved Ones

Tots – and grown-ups, too – will love Amani’s soft, cuddly assortment of safari animals. Sewn from hand-dyed fabrics, these adorable miniatures make great stocking stuffers or décor items. Lion $10, ( is a tiny delight for display or play.


4. For Tree Trimming or Hall Decking

A Maasai angel ornament, symbolizing peace, is the perfect addition to holiday trees and trimmings. Made by hand in Kenya by Amani ya Juu members, this cloth angel, $12, wears a bright red costume complete with beaded trim.  (

Peace Maasai Angel Ornament

5. A Must-Have for Baby

Keep baby neat during mealtime with colorful bibs stitched up in the most vibrant mixes of shades and patterns. At just $10, Amani ya Juu’s Baby Bib Patch will be a much-appreciated – and much-used – gift. (

baby bibs

About Amani ya Juu

Amani ya Juu , which means “higher peace” in Swahili, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith-based organization committed to helping marginalized women in five African nations. Women gain experience in purchasing, stitching, quality control, management and design. Amani is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation (, which ensures that money from the items sold makes it back to the women. Email for enquiries. Visit Amani’s website at and connect on Facebook at



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