Batik Technique

Meet the Women of Amani Kenya’s Batik Department & learn about the process!

batik women
Nelly and Petronilla in front of their batik handiwork. They have worked together for 6 years.

How it works

Batiking is a staple technique at Amani Kenya. Nelly explains the process.

batik 1

“We cut white material based on an order. We stamp the material with hot wax and then dip the material into colored dye. The material is then washed with hot water and bar soap and put on the line to dry. Finally the material is ironed and cut for the ladies to use.”

– Nelly, 6 years in the Batik Department

batik 2

The Result

After the fabric is dry, women in the sewing department create various products, mostly for the kitchen. When products leave our Kenya center, they end up in our US shops or volunteer boxes. They eventually find their way into the homes of customers.

batik placemat and napkin set
Batik Placemat and Napkin Set

Why it Matters

The Batik Department at Amani Kenya is just one of the many ways lives are changed at Amani. Women don’t just develop valuable skills, they heal and grow in fellowship with one another. Peace transcends into their lives, families, and communities.

nelly batik
“I have changed a lot. When I came to Amani I wasn’t able to forgive those who wronged me. Now I can forgive.” – Nelly

Still curious?

Watch this video of Lucy, one of the founding Amani ya Juu women, explain the batik process here.

Shop Batik Products here!


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