Fair Trade Friday: Fair Trade Candy for Halloween

Fabulous blog from AmaniDC on the importance of buying fair trade candy this Halloween!


Halloween is fast approaching. Over the next few weeks,  as part of the biggest “candy holiday” of the year, Americans will buy more than 600 million pounds of candy, over $2.4 billion. It’s the biggest chocolate sales spike of the year, followed by Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of that money is ever seen by those who grew the cocoa–and worse, some producers (including 200,000 children) won’t see a cent at all.

Slave labor and harsh working conditions prevail on many cocoa plantations throughout West Africa, a situation aggravated by poverty. Some of the children working in these fields have been trafficked. The cocoa they harvest winds up in the chocolate from many big-name brands, most of whom resist pressure to better police their supply chains.

Buying Fair Trade chocolate is one way to ensure the bars, peanut butter cups, and mint patties you…

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