An Update on Lucy and Jerita’s trip to Liberia

A few weeks ago, we interviewed our sisters Lucy and Jerita at our Kenya center and posted a blog about their adventure in Liberia. Read that post here: Lucy and Jerita go to Liberia. Below  are a few excerpts from an email we received from a field officer in charge of Africare‘s midwife program in Liberia.

Lucy and Jerita in Liberia
Jerita teaching midwives to sew in Liberia

“Everyone was so excited about the training as it started and I heard…that Lucy and Jerita are so wonderful and doing amazing work with the traditional midwives, who are so focused everyday in learning and don’t want to leave the machine after training hours. ” – a field officer for Africare‘s midwife program in Liberia

“We can hardly wait to see the results after four weeks of intense training. The traditional midwive’s anticipation of this project/training was obvious by the way they whole-heartedly dove into the process. At the end of each day, it was a struggle to separate them from their machines, I had to strictly instruct the trainers (Lucy and Jerita) to stop the sessions at 5pm in order to mitigate staff overtime charges.” – Mona, a trainer overseeing Lucy and Jerita


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