We’re Officially Fair Trade!

Amani ya Juu is now an official member of the Fair Trade Federation!

The Fair Trade Federation is a trade association of organizations committed to Fair Trade practices.

Membership is open to organizations in the United States and Canada in operation for more than one year which do business with a central concern on the well-being of producers. Qualifying organizations work consistently with Fair Trade Federation principles, including:

  • Offering economic and social opportunities to marginalized groups while building capacity among its workers
  • Operating transparently, and paying producers promptly
  • Providing safe working conditions
  • Protecting the rights of children
  • Practicing environmental stewardship
  • Respecting cultural heritage
  • Promoting Fair Trade practices

ftf member logo compressed

After an involved screening process which gathered information about all facets of our business model, Amani is among the 50% of applicants who have been accepted into the Fair Trade Federation!  While other forms of Fair Trade certification apply to individual products, the Fair Trade Federation guarantees the commitment of our entire organization to operating under its principles. Though Amani has been operating  as a fair trade organization since it was founded 17 years ago, we only recently got around to applying. We are happy to join this community of organizations dedicated to conducting business justly and sustainably.

To shop ethically, please look for the Fair Trade Federation logo above!


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