Amani Kenya: Meet our Interns

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The Amani ya juu Kenya center is a hub of bustling women, friendly visitors, and day-to-day activities that are especially crazy this time of year—design season. With creative minds going full speed, products are being developed as the daily pace of life continues. While it may be winter in Kenya, it is summer in the United States, which means that not only is it design season, it is also intern season! Amani continually opens its doors to interns, and this “winter” is no exception. There are currently two college students serving here at Amani Kenya for the next month- Sally Nelson and Brittany Hawkins.

Sally is a senior at Hillsdale College, studying English & Journalism  She is currently working on photographing Amani product to display on the website. Sally has a long relationship with Amani as she spent a year in Nairobi when she was a child. Her family has been involved in Amani ministry for many years. Sally is a talented photographer with a creative and disciplined mindset that has been extremely valuable.

Sally taking pictures of Amani products


Brittany is also a senior but attends Wheaton College. She is a participant in the H.N.G.R. program and is in Nairobi training to work at the Amani Liberia center. The HNGR program is designed for students to get a first hand experience at what development looks like in different contexts. Training here in Kenya includes participating in different departments at Amani such as distribution, export, the shop, business administration, and production.

Brittany observing how Mama Jimo creates children’s books
Brittany observing how Mama Jimo creates children’s books





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