When a storm blew in…

This was originally posted on Amani Liberia’s blog.

One thing is for certain, everyone at Amani Liberia works very hard everyday. We are faced with many obstacles here in Liberia but the ladies work tirelessly through them.

A recent challenge is the lack of electricity. We are currently in the dry season and the large windows at Amani keep the building cool and fully lit. However, when a large storm blew in last week the place became eerily dark. The members were finding it hard to work but each found their own way to manage.
Darlene using her phone as a flashlight
Darlene using her phone as a flashlight
Darlene, who was cutting one of our new designs, the Shift Dress, creatively used her phone torch to light up her work.  Her remark was “I need to make sure my work is done fine (good, beautiful)!”

While all the members manage to work with out electricity we are praying that the day will soon come when we can use our electric machines, fans, lights and open our café!
A little darkness doesn't keep Darlene from working.
A little darkness doesn’t keep Darlene from working.

To stay up-to-date on Amani Liberia, visit their blog.


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