Meet our Intern: Florence Esho

Hometown: Ibadan, Nigeria/ Upper Marlboro, MD

School & Degree: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Retailing/Fashion Merchandise (Bachelors, May 2013)

Role at Amani: Retail Intern– This means I do a little bit of everything. I’m staffing new shop hours for the Amani DC shop on Monday evenings. I also assist customers on shop floor and at the register. I occasionally help out with shipment, inventory, and other warehouse functions. And, I’m researching local DC area events where we can spread Amani’s love and peace!

How did you first learn about Amani?

I learned about Amani from my Posse Program Director (Posse is a scholarship program).

What made you want to intern with Amani?

I wanted to intern at Amani because it is the best combination of the two things I am passionate about: fashion and social justice. Amani has found a way to perfectly combine the two by providing fabulous pieces from clothing to accessories, while simultaneously uplifting women financially, spiritually, and emotionally in various communities. This is the kind of work that I will like to do for the rest of my life! Why not start now?

Random Favorites:

I’m obsessed with my bracelets and rings. It doesn’t matter where I am going, they never come off my fingers and wrists. I love to take midnight walks. I love babies and old people (they are just the cutest). I adore ramen noodles (yes, I know they are bad for you). I enjoy going to poetry events. Finally, I am obsessed with Zoë Saldaña 🙂


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