Meet our Intern: Lauren Kim

Name: Lauren Kim

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

School & Degree: Wheaton College; International Relations and Journalism

Looking fancy in her Amani Liberia dress.

Role at Amani: Marketing Intern– This includes everything and anything from serving as product description generating guru, helping share the Amani story through the blog, providing product photography assistance, shop-keeping, assisting with the new web-site launch, and being available for anything else that gets thrown at me!

How did you first learn about Amani?
At Wheaton I am participating in a certificate program called Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) and heard about Amani from Barbara, the HNGR office coordinator.  Many former HNGR interns from our school have worked for the various Amani centers. I got plugged into working here after Barbara passed along the internship posting.

What made you want to intern with Amani?
I have been interested in studying Africa and working there since high school. Working for a group that works with women who were victims of crises and conflict in Africa will help me gain a greater view of the context and circumstances than I could hope to gain reading a textbook. Because Amani is all about working with women in Africa, it was the perfect setting through which I can learn more.

Random Facts:
I’m fluent in Korean,  first of three kids, avid film lover, HIV/AIDS activist, part of the school debate team, and played for the softball team in high school. People often take me to be five years younger than I actually am.


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