Celebrating Beauty

Blessings can be many things, and Amani is blessed with many beautiful faces and hearts. One of these faces is Bella, a textile designer who works to ensure that the fabrics used at Amani are dyed, printed, and batiked with excellence.

As a single mother, Bella has been sustained by the love and support of her Amani mothers and sisters. Her two years at Amani have been marked by healing and growth. She has been spiritually and emotionally encouraged, all while being cheered on professionally.

In the next few weeks, Amani will be holding our yearly design meetings in Nairobi, Kenya. Bella will part of the team that develops and selects colors, prints, and designs for Amani’s 2013 collections. There are many exciting things on the horizon, including a new website and online shop stocked with the stunning colors Bella helped develop last year.

Today we are thankful for Bella and the ways she uses her creativity and passion to drive the vision of Amani. Because she has been transformed by God’s peace, Bella’s work goes beyond making beautiful products. Through her leadership, she fosters a community of beauty — a place of joy, empowerment, and peace. 

Each of the products in the Safari line start with a piece of white fabric that Bella
and the Tie & Dye team transform into a work of art.

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