Discovering Community at AmaniDC

As part of Amani’s holistic approach to development, each center seeks to create an environment that fosters relationships and cultivates a supportive community. At the core of this is the true peace we find from God through Jesus Christ. We were encouraged to receive a note recently from Emily, a senior at Baylor University who interned at AmaniDC last summer. She experienced Amani in a powerful way during her time in DC, and shared with us the impact it had on her:

I just wanted to let you know once again how thankful I am for my time at Amani last summer. When I got back [to Baylor], I realized how much I craved our fellowship, morning prayers and encouraging environment. I started a Bible study that meets every week and really took the initiative to create a more loving and respectful roommate environment… The fellowship at Amani really had an impact upon me.

Truly, God’s peace being lived out among women in Africa is changing lives here in the US. We were grateful to play a part in helping Emily discover her calling to serve and love others.

Having fun in the AmaniDC Shop

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