Sneak Peek: Amani Uganda

An Amani Uganda center in the Gulu region of northern Uganda is just in its beginning phases, but the work coming from the women stitching together there is stunning. Lead by Simprosa and her husband John, Amani Uganda is the expression of these leaders’ vision for healing and transformation in their home community.

Simprosa visited Amani Kenya recently to share about the work she’s begun with a handful of trainees in Gulu. Here are a few shots of her with the wall hangings from Amani Uganda:

Simprosa and John met and married as refugees in Kenya. Both were integral members of the Amani family in Kenya, working in the shop and garden. It’s beautiful to watch them coming full circle to take Amani’s vision for peace to Gulu.

More updates and opportunities to support Amani Uganda will be on their way soon. Join our mailing list to get the most recent updates.

Similar wall hangings are available in our Online Shop here. Simprosa was once the creator of the Quilted Safari Wall Hanging during her time at Amani Kenya.


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