Meet our Intern: Winnie Mumbi Kuria

Winnie finished her internship with Amani shortly after this interview. She has since resumed her studies at Kenyatta University. 

Name: Winnie Mumbi Kuria

Hometown: Nakuru, Kenya

School & Degree: Kenyatta University; Fashion Design and Marketing

Winnie, one of Amani's interns from Kenyatta University

Role at Amani: Design work, making patterns, teaching financial literacy, and stitching

How did you learn about Amani?

One of my lecturers mentioned it and then I learned more through the Internet.

What made you want to work with Amani?

I admired the professionalism of their work, and most importantly, I appreciated that Amani aims to support women, especially those who are less fortunate in society.

What did a typical day at Amani look like for you?

Each day was always a new experience, different from the previous one. However, an average day started with prayer at 9 am. This really helped to nourish me spiritually. I would then finalize any incomplete tasks or start on something new. Once in a while, I would go see my supervisor for an assignment of new tasks or if I needed to ask a question.

Winnie stitching scrap cards

What else did you appreciate about your time at Amani?

I always looked forward to Fridays because my lesson with the women on Financial Literacy was on Friday at noon.

For sure I enjoyed the food, and in particular ugali. I also love socializing: interacting with the other interns, sharing about life in general and about the fashion industry. The fact that some of the interns were from a different continent made the learning and sharing even more enriching.


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