Meet our Intern: Hannah Lopez

Name:  Hannah Lopez

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

School & Degree: Wheaton College; International Relations

Hannah at the Amani center in Nairobi, Kenya

Role at Amani: I am working to help establish the business side of Amani Liberia.

How did you first learn about Amani?

I heard about Amani through Wheaton, as a few Wheaton students have worked with Amani in the past.

What made you want to volunteer with Amani?

I wanted to volunteer with Amani because I love the idea of using a business as more than just a means of providing a steady income source.  Amani’s goals of promoting healing, reconciliation, and peace in the lives of the women who come to work there are wonderful. I love that  Amani seeks to transform lives rather than just provide a financial resource.  The way that all of the women that I have met at Amani have learned to rely on God and to trust in each other — despite the hardships that they have faced — has been such an inspiration to me. I hope to someday be as strong in the faith as they are.

What has your time at Amani been like so far?
I spent the month of June at the Amani center in Nairobi so that I could learn the ropes and  get to see how an established center operates.  It was a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to go back for a visit sometime soon.  I arrived here in Liberia at the beginning of July, and I have spent my time since then trying to learn about Liberia and how Amani will fit in to the community here.  I’m currently trying to lay the framework for a business plan and an export system that we will be able to use as we continue to grow.
Hannah hiking near an abandoned mine in Yekepa, Liberia
How have you enjoyed being in Liberia? 

I’m enjoying going on hikes to see the beautiful scenery of the jungle-y mountains that surround us here in Yekepa.  Everything is so green that it almost seems like it can’t be real.  Another plus is that all of the fruit here is delicious!  I even like some fruits that I’ve never liked before (such as papaya) because it is so much better here than anywhere else.  All in all, I’m very happy to be here in Liberia and I am excited to be able to work with Amani here!


2 thoughts on “Meet our Intern: Hannah Lopez

  1. I thank Amani for welcoming Hannah into their team. I know that working with Amani in both Nairobi and Yekepa has been an incredible opportunity. So much of Africa needs reconciliation and the women and men of Amani have experienced incredible challenge through the civil wars that have torn apart their countries. I know when Hannah left for Africa she was very excited that Amani focuses not only on a business model, but has added so much more through the message of faith, peace, and reconciliation.

  2. Hi Hannah, It has been such a wonderful experience for those of us that have never visited this part of the world to learn of your day to day activities in Yekepa, Liberia and Kenya.I look forward to everything you share with us of your days and adventures there.You look so radiant and happy and your pictures show us how beautiful it is there. As always you are remembered in our prayers daily. Love YOU Nanny

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