Volunteer Sale Sign-Ups: Christmas in July!

Summer in the US is in full swing. As much as everyone is enjoying the heat, fresh fruits and veggies, and trips to the beach, it’s time for a confession: we are already looking forward to Christmas.

We anticipate Christmas for so many reasons, not the least of which being that it’s the time of year when many of our volunteers host Amani Gatherings in their home towns. These partnerships are the way Amani’s story and our beautiful handmade products reach communities all across the United States with the message of peace.

This year, we are celebrating “Christmas in July” by inviting volunteers to sign up early for their fall and holiday sales.

In anticipation of this season, we’ve set a goal:

We hope to have between 3 and 16 volunteers
hosting Amani Gatherings every week throughout the season. 

Sign up by July 29, receive a 20% off coupon for our Online Shop!

To sign up, go to: http://signupgenius.com/go/christmas793

If you wish to  learn more about our volunteer program, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Debbie Noetzel volunteer@amaniafrica.org. You can also learn more by visiting our website, amaniafrica.org

Some of our great volunteers at a church coffeehouse event  in Virginia.


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