Lucy shares her story with UNHCR

Many of the women at Amani Kenya are refugees. They carry with them the beautiful and bitter memories of their homelands: the places and people for which they long and the conflicts and needs that drove them out.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has been using storytelling to raise awareness about the refugee experience and refugee crises around the world. By telling stories “though the eyes of a refugee,” they offer a poignant reminder that conflicts cannot and should not be thought of in isolation from the people they affect.

This project resonates with what we do at Amani. We work with women from all over East and Central Africa who have fled horrific conflicts and dire economic realities. UNHCR’s project recently featured an Amani woman named Lucy. To learn more, watch the quick video of her amazing story. Please be advised that there are some graphic descriptions of the things she has witnessed.


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