Meet our Intern: Emily Kirwan

Ready to help!

Name: Emily Kirwan

Hometown: Dallas, Tx

School & Degree: Baylor University; Non-profit Marketing and International Business

Role at Amani: Marketing Intern; “Twitter-poster,” photographer, social-media researcher, shop-keeper …and office coffee gofer.

*Check out her great product photos at

Working so hard she needs TWO computers.

How did you first learn about Amani?

Last year I was part of a study abroad trip that focused on Social Entrepreneurship and Microfinance in the beautiful country of Rwanda. My group visited the Amani sister center there, Amahoro ava Hejuru (“Peace from Above” in Kinyarwanda). The women welcomed us graciously, gave us a tour of the facility, and of course, danced for us.

What made you want to intern with Amani?

I wanted to learn more about using sustainability and business as a means of partnering with people in lifting themselves out of poverty.

We like to play too!

Random Favorites:

I’m big on peanut butter, running, crafting, and reading. I literally want to visit every country, am fascinated by public transportation (as it is virtually non-existent in Texas), and really, really love babies. My little brother is my hero. Also, I wear 100 SPF sunscreen every day.


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