“A friend who loves you will help when you’re in need.” – Valentine’s gifts + Christmas sale!

“A friend who loves you will help when you’re in need.”
Rafiki akupendae humuona penya haja.

-Kenyan proverb

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we begin to find creative ways to share our love others. This Kenyan proverb is taken from a kanga – the popular patterned fabric seen throughout East Africa and used to create many Amani products, including the Kanga Collection.  Similar to the English saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” this proverb reminds us that love demonstrates itself when it’s most needed.

This Valentine’s Day, Amani has plenty of gifts for your Valentine! We’ve collected some of our favorites here in the Online Shop.

This month’s special: After-Christmas Sale!

Stock up for next year on the entire Amani Christmas Collection. All Christmas items are 15% off through the end of January.  Stockings, ornaments, table decor, and the adorable Advent Calendar!

Use the coupon code “CHRISTMAS15” at check-out to receive the discount.

Whether in a season of want or plenty,
those of us at Amani ya Juu hope that
you are warm with love this Valentine’s Day!


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