Don’t miss the Amani Nairobi Open House – June 4th to 12th

The Amani Garden Café has a fresh new face.

It’s fresh, because we have continued to receive showers of rain, and the shrubs and flowers are at their best.  But there is also another difference.  Nestled between the café kitchen and the Shangilia (Celebration) House is an elegant white tent. This is the home of the Amani Nairobi Open House.

Amani has thrown her doors open and invited friends – old and new – to come and browse, buy and enjoy our beautiful products.  We hope you can join us!

The Amani Nairobi Open House

4th June to Saturday 12th June

9am to 4pm

Monday through Saturday

Some of our old favorites have been discounted between 25% and 50% and a wide selection of…


household items





…and more bags!

* There is a 10% discount on all Amani salads in the Garden Cafe. *

Amani Nairobi is located on Ring Road in Riverside, near the Prime Bank.


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