Color. Design. Function. And Peace…all in one box!

As any Amani volunteer knows, nothing compares to the thrill of opening a box of products that just arrived from Amani Kenya.  Pulling back the layers of bags.  Unfastening the banana leaf boxes to peek at the jewelry.  Discovering new designs and bright colors.  These affordable, functional products make great gifts that speak of peace with boldness and excellence.  They are the pride of the women who crafted them.  And it shows when the box flaps are finally pulled back after many miles of travel.

Amani volunteer Julie Lapeyrolerie certainly knew that excitement when she recently received a box for her October 24th gathering in Austin, Texas.  She soon went to work capturing the beauty of the products with her camera–and the result is stunning!  She shared about her involvement with Amani in this blog post, which has some great photos of some current Amani designs.  We’re sharing a few below, but we recommend also checking out her site.

The women at Amani Kenya are working diligently to prepare boxes full of products in time for many holiday sales throughout the US.  More information on partnering with them in this way, visit our Volunteer info page.





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