Experience Sankofa online!

Didn’t get to attend one of the Sankofa shows during our US Tour? We’d love to share a glimpse of these remarkable events with you.

You can watch the show online thanks to Forest Hill Church, our hosts in Charlotte, NC. Check it out at: http://foresthill.lightcastmedia.com/console.php?u=3037&c=697757024.
Note: Due to a technical glitch, the narration pieces before each of the three sections of the show are not included in this recording.

Also, here are a few photos of the DC event, courtesy of Jillian Pichocki Photography (www.jillianpichocki.com).

Goretti in Transformation.
Stella in Transformation.
Gladys in Transformation.
Rahab and Goretti in Transformation.
Gladys, Catherine, and Stella in Transformation.
Rahab in Celebration.Final touches backstage.

Narrators shared vignettes of the experiences women bring to Amani.
Modeling the Pamba Collection.
Thanks to our many volunteers who helped make the US Tour possible.The Amani family came together in celebration of this momentous occasion!


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